Human beings are the only living beings who can express themselves properly. We need a language to communicate and express ourselves. English is the language that’s widely spoken all around the world, if someone can speak English then he or she can easily communicate with most of the people around the world, therefore one must learn English.

I’m very thankful to Hanna and Alexandra for the initiative to make free English classes available for the children in Radhakund. After learning English these children will have a better scope for the future.

This is a step towards bringing the Eastern and Western world close to each other. I remember when I was a kid I had no teacher to learn English. One day I met an English speaking person and asked him the tips to speak English. He suggested me “just keep speaking in English” so I started to speak with westerners who would visit Radhakund (my village). One day I met Toby Fjellstrom (Nitaidas). We became friends and we helped each other with everything. Thanks to English language.

Good communication is needed to understand each other, so the world can be a better place to live. English is the global language to communicate therefore one must learn English.

With a hope for the bright and prosperous future for Young children. Thanks to Hanna and Alexandra from the children of Radhakund.

Radhe Radhe!
– Shivdas


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